Manufacture and assembly of medical devices in a controlled environment

Nous assurons la fabrication et l’assemblage de vos dispositifs médicaux en environnement contrôlé.

To see all your projects through to completion, we manufacture and assemble medical devices in a controlled environment.

As CMO (Contract Manufacturing Organisation), Cisteo MEDICAL has a clean room environment of 250 m² enabling the manufacture and assembly of highly technical devices. As critical contract manufacturer, we specialise in:

  • silicone injection, moulding, dipping, bonding and spraying
Injection de silicone
  • Nitinol shaping
Mise en forme des NITINOL
  • Packaging in blister packs and bags
Conditionnement sous blisters, en sachets
  • 5-axis laser in a clean room
Soudure laser en salle blanche de dispositifs médicaux en titane
We also offer a wide range of other services:
•   5-axis laser welding
•   laser marking
•   metallographic cutting
•   acrylic UV, cyanoacrylate or epoxy bonding
•   assembly of electrical components under hygrometric control
•   helium leak detection
•   accelerated aging tests
•   plasma processing
•   crimping
•   micro-soldering of electronic components
•   resistance micro-soldering
We are here to listen to your needs and specific requests to set up, monitor and validate new processes.


Processes implemented for medical devices manufacturing

Cisteo MEDICAL implements many processes in order to be a global partner for manufacturers of innovative medical devices. We intervene for the realization of proofs of concept, prototypes, pre-series and series. Our cleanrooms (ISO 5 and ISO 7) incorporate several innovative processes, allowing us to provide tailor-made services according to your needs:

Silicone Processing

•    Over moulding
•    Injection
•    Spraying
•    Dipping
•    Assembly by silicone gluing
•    Silicone colouring
•    Marking on silicone
•    Polishing

Epoxy resin casting

•    Over moulding
•    Encapsulation


•   5-axis laser in a clean room
•   Resistive welding on ESD table
•   High-frequency welding
•   Leak testing


•   Silicone deposition
•   Laser marking in clean room (logo, batch and serial number, QR code)
•   Management of serial numbers and UDI

Heat Treatment

•   NITINOL shaping by heat treatment
•   Plastic components shaping by heat treatment

Surface activation

•   Plasma


•   Optical fiber
•   Silicone


•   Mounting and electronic board assembly
•   Connectors
•   Micro-assembly by gluing
•   Micromechanical assembly
•   Inspection using mechanical and electronic test benches (leak tests, etc.)

Cleaning and packaging

•   Ultrasonic cleaning
•   Pouches / blister